This web site is built to be easy to use for everyone, regardless of how they access the web. This page describes some features of the site that may be helpful to certain users.

Text size:

I have problems reading small text

To change your text size, you can usually use your web browser’s View menu. In Internet Explorer, for example, go to the View menu and select Text Size, and choose your preferred size from the list.

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I have trouble reading text in the colours this web site uses

If you need to have different colours on all the web pages that you visit, you can set your browser to apply certain rules about colours and text sizes to all web pages you visit. In Internet Explorer, for example, select the Tools menu – Internet options. Now select the Colours and Fonts of your choice. Once you have done this, select the Accessibility button and check the boxes to ignore font sizes, styles and colours specified on web pages (it will then use your defaults instead).

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Screen reader:

I use screen reading software (e.g. JAWS)

This site is set up to be easy to get around using the keyboard. Use headers, skip links, links lists and landmark roles to get straight to the content you want to read.

Headers: All of our pages use headers to mark each of the sections of the page (most pages are very short and just have a single header). Jumping from header to header will help you get around the page quickly (JAWS users can list the headers on the page by pressing INSERT + F6).

Skip links: As you move from link to link, the first link that you will find on every page is called ‘Skip to main content’. Activate the link by pressing Enter. If you read on from here you will have skipped past the menu items and just hear the main content of the page.

Link lists: Every link on this site makes sense when read out of context (JAWS users can list the links on the page by pressing INSERT + F7).

Landmark roles: Landmark roles tell you what each part of the web page is about. E.g. the main content of the page is marked with the landmark role ‘main’. If you are using a newer version of your screen reading software you can get an overview of the landmark roles on the page and easily jump from section to section. For example, if you are using JAWS 10 or above you can list all the landmark roles on the page by pressing CTRL + INSERT + ; (semicolon).

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